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Its blogtober day FIVE! Today’s post is about a book that I finished recently. Its called GIRLCODE by Cara Alwill Leyba. If you guys have any other book recommendations, let me know!


Recently I picked up GIRLCODE by Cara Alwill Leyba. I have been looking for really motivational books about women entrepreneurs and am so glad I found this. This book touches on so many important topics such as believing in yourself and what it means to really work hard. Not only did I read this book, but I studied it. This book was everything I never knew I needed. GIRLCODE is nine chapters of absolute encouragement. It may sound silly, but the way Cara wrote this made me feel as though I was talking to a friend. A super supportive friend, at that.

What GIRLCODE taught me

GIRLCODE taught me to not let fear stop me. Fear is something that can prevent you from ever living out your dreams. It can make you feel insecure and just simply not good enough. Fear can come from self doubt, envy, anything. I have a lot of fears when it comes to my blog, that I didn’t even realize I had until I read this book. I’m definitely scared of not being good enough. I fear judgement and criticism and failure. I always thought I was a good writer, which is why I started my blog, to share my passion for writing.

However, shortly after starting and reading other peoples blog, I will be honest and admit that I suddenly felt self doubt when it came to my writing style. All of a sudden, it didn’t sound as great as I remembered. I feared not being good enough and everybody thinking I was a joke. GIRLCODE helped me acknowledge and realize that we all have something unique about us that no one can copy. I can’t write the way other people write, and other people can’t write how I write, and thats all. So throughout fear, you just need to keep believing in yourself and your passion. You need to remind yourself why you started. GIRLCODE taught me that when we believe in ourselves- we can make things happen. 

What I connected with

While I learned so much from this book, I also connected a lot with it. Throughout her book, Cara has this inspiring tone in her writing that makes you feel like you are truly unstoppable. There is one part, near the end, where she says that we all have the same amount of hours in a day, and if we truly want something, we will make time for it. Love this. I feel like often, people are looked down upon when they show themselves a little tough love.

I have always taken pride in the fact that I am very tough on myself and do not let myself make excuses for the things I don’t do. Now I’m not always that hard on myself. I obviously know that I can’t work on my blog eight hours a day if I’m working for six and going to school for three. In her book, Cara even says that we can’t be ultra-hard on ourselves. I know that during the week, my blog is going to come second to school. However, on the weekends I give myself no excuse to not work on it. I absolutely love multitasking.

I sit downstairs, watch a movie with my family, while working on a new post or some homework. It’s true that if we want something bad enough, we will do whatever we can to get it. Now I really do hope that I don’t come off as a bad person through my opinions. This is only the expectations that I set for myself, never other people (I understand that everyone has a different situation and am very mindful and compassionate about that). Its just that for me, tough love is how I keep myself inspired and motivated.


My favorite GIRLCODE quotes

So much of what Cara wrote stuck with me and helped me put my feelings into words. Here are a few encouraging things she said that I will carry on with my through my blogging journey.

“You are worthy of every desire in your heart”

“They don’t wait for someone to present them with an opportunity; they go out and create opportunities for themselves”

“I actively looked for the lesson that situation was trying to teach me”

“The world simply cannot reject anyone or anything that comes from a place of passion”

Cara Alwill Leyba: My new inspiration

As soon as I was done reading this book, I craved more of the authors advice and wisdom. I visited Cara’s website and read a few of her blog posts. She truly is such an inspiring person and you can really tell how kind and encouraging she is through her writing. She is honest and motivating and I love seeing a woman encouraging other women. I highly encourage you to pick up this book if you want to feel empowered and inspired. I can not wait to pick up more of her books and continue to grow my belief in myself.



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