My Fall Night Routine

It’s blogtober day EIGHT! After posting my morning routine, I thought it would be fun to share with you guys everything I do before I go to bed. This one is not about being productive because if I’m being honest… I’m not that productive at night. I like to relax and do things that I want to do and so thats why I try to make sure that I get everything done in the morning and throughout my day.


So Monday through Thursday I work until about five or six o’clock. So my evening starts on my drive home. I sit in a lot of traffic since everyone is going home at that time so I’ll usually just listen to music or I’ll call my friends to see whats new in their life or tell them about my day. After I finally get home, I’ll eat dinner. I’m usually starving because I either didn’t eat that day or hadn’t eaten since ten in the morning (I know thats not good, I’m working on it). I’ll usually eat dinner and catch up with my mom and sister about their days and we’ll watch tv together. After, I’ll usually go in the shower. I like to shower once I get home just so I can get into my pajamas and be comfy the rest of the night. This brings me to about eight o’clock. I’ll usually just sit on my phone or watch Netflix or do blog related things. If I do have any left over homework to do, this is the time I’ll usually do it. Then around 8:30, my dad gets home from work and we’ll all watch the shows that we like to watch as a family like Manifest, This Is Us, and…any kind of singing show (we’re watching The Voice right now). Then around eleven, I like to brush my teeth, get my clothes out for the next day, and go lay in my bed and either read or sit on my phone until I feel tired and am ready to go to sleep.


So Friday-Sunday I have no work so I’m home all day or I’m out doing things. Either way, I will start getting ready for bed at really whatever time on Friday and Saturday since I don’t have to be up early the next day. Sometimes my family will go out to dinner or go to a late movie, and we won’t be home until really late and so I don’t have a “set” routine for these days. Since this is a “fall” night routine, I wanted to mention how sometimes I’ll go to haunted houses at night or watch scary movies, carve pumpkins. I think Friday and Saturday nights are extra fun during this time of year because there is more to do. Another one of my favorite things to do on fall nights to have a really comfy, cozy, night in. I like to turn on my fairy lights, light my candle, put on some fuzzy socks, and either just read a book or watch a Halloween movie. This is the most relaxing thing ever and gets me into the fall spirit. 

I know this post is kind of short, its just because I’m in such a routine but I actually love it! Can any of you relate to my night routine? Whats your night routine like? Let me know! Also let me know whether you guys prefer a productive morning or a productive evening, I would love to hear both sides.



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  1. October 8, 2018 / 3:30 pm

    This takes me right back to living in a ‘family’ home….as the ‘child’. Now in my ‘family’ home, I’m the ‘adult’ !! It’s all about being really organised – school books, bags, lunches, paperwork – ready for tomorrow ! We just juggle the week and do our best. The key as always is getting a decent block of sleep, for at least a few nights. One decent night of sleep doesn’t make you feel amazing ! Tiredness is simply the worst.

    I get more done in the morning, come the evening…..I’m on the floor with tiredness !

    Oh to be young……..

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