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  1. Geraldine says

    hi Colleen! I absolutely love this wish list. I think the chair is pretty, and I would love those little fairy lights as well.. . I think they’re often used for flat lay pictures! 😛

  2. Nicka Jerao says

    I love this post of yours! Would definitely do it on my blog, thanks for the inspiration. ✨ I would include a comfy chair, folder dividers, stationeries( A LOT)

  3. Dellybird says

    Lovely post! I absolutely love the chair. Mine is thread bare and I would love to replace it with one just like that. I wish you could decorate my office for me as you clearly have much better taste!

    • colleendenise says

      You are the sweetest, your comment means the world to me!!! I think these types of chairs are very in style right now and I totally get why!! I’m sure you have lovely taste girly!!

  4. molly rose says

    This is such a great post!! I really love that chair, its got the functionality of a regular office chair but its so fancy and fashionable with the studs and the legs! x

  5. Nancy says

    I love these wishlist items! Chairs like that are gorgeous. I know I’dbe a sucker for those fairy lights! I’ve seen so many of them lately – I need to get on board, hehe. Letter boards are perfect for flatlays or background objects.

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me


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