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  1. Live Better says

    My reason for my blog is so similar, I was never passionate a lot in life growing up but fitness, health and blogging are definitely my passion now. Great blog 😊

  2. MJ says

    From your answer to the first question, you had me like awwwww how sweet! I love the Q&A blog posts because we get to know the blogger better. I could tell you’re a lovely person❤️❤️❤️❤️ And it’s amazing how you only drink water, wow! I also agree with you, my family is a switch it up type of family too hahah. We never know what we want to do💜

  3. Ruth says

    I really enjoyed reading this! We actually have a few things in common 😊 I’d love to have the money to buy my parents a house anywhere they wanted, it’s a dream of mine. Impractical Jokers is one of my favourite things to watch when I need a giggle, too. Also, I can relate to wanting to find “your thing” as that’s how I’ve spent a lot of my life feeling, too.

  4. malenablogs says

    “My whole life, I’ve never had anything that I was really good or passionate at” I CAN RELATE SO MUCH!! Loved reading your answers and being able to get to know you a bit better 🙂


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