A Month In Review / November 2018

Another month gone. Wow. The holiday season is kind of just flying by and its gotten to that time of year where it feels like there is absolutely not enough hours in the day. While I feel like the month went really quick, I’m looking back at all my pictures from the first week of November and I think to myself “Wow. That much has happened already?”.

So the month started off with me in full on Christmas mode and it hasn’t gone away since. I decorated my room and I started wearing all my favorite scarves and hats even though it was still in the high fifties. I also made my Christmas Playlist and my car hasn’t played anything else since. I also bought this really cute Starbucks Christmas cup that I’ve been using everyday since. I wish I could put warm holiday drinks in it, but I only drink water so…

I also noticed that this month was a really big blog month. Honestly, I didn’t think I could fall in love with blogging anymore than I already was, but somehow it happened. I started putting a lot more effort into setting up and taking my own pictures and I’m actually really proud of all the posts I put out this month. I also received my most “views in a day” that I have since I started blogging. Mind you, I was sick a bunch this month and so I had a lot of spare time to put into blogging. But now that finals is about to start, life is going to get a little crazy and my blog is going to have to come second in my life for the next couple of weeks. 

Another thing that happened, was that I changed my major to Marketing. It’s a long series of very overly dramatic stories so if you’re interested in reading them, I’ll leave them here, here, and here. 

One really fun thing that happened was that my sister adopted a puppy! She is a three month old pit bull and is the sweetest thing. She adopted her off of a Facebook page that she found. The puppy was abandoned in North Carolina when she was born and was transported to New York. I’ve seen her a bunch of times since she’s gotten her and she is so playful and loving and a perfect fit for our whole family. 

Then, it was Thanksgiving! I actually had a really nice time. It was quiet and just my immediate family but it was fun. We watched movies, went a little black Friday shopping, and ate a bunch of food. It definitely got me more into the holiday spirit and I can’t wait for Christmas and New Years. This seriously is my favorite time of year, you guys. 

And… thats really it. I’m sorry this post was short, but I really did not have much going on this month. I’m sure I’ll have a lot more to say for December and I can’t wait for all the holiday themed posts! 

I hope YOU guys had a great month! Let me know how your month was and what you’re looking forward to for December!



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