My Favorite Face Moisturizer At The Moment

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I’ve always had really good skin. I rarely break out, my skin isn’t oily, and so I never had a real skincare routine. The only thing I’ve ever really had a concern about was redness. I have really rosy cheeks all the time and I hate it. It always looks like I just ran five miles or I’m super embarrassed about something. I’ve been looking for a product that could help me out with this for so long and I think I’ve finally found the perfect one. This is my favorite face moisturizer at the moment!

Favorite Face Moisturizer

Normal products for redness or under eye bags (another one of my problems) can get pretty expensive. After looking for a while before spending a ton, I stumbled upon IT Cosmetics Bye, Bye, Redness. It’s a moisturizer that you’re supposed to apply in the morning and at night and the redness will be erased. I decided to go with this one because it was on the less expensive side (compared to other products) and I know that IT Cosmetics is supposed to be a really great brand. 


It retails for 48 dollars for 2 ounces of product, which I think is a good deal because it will last a while. It doesn’t really have much of a scent to it, it just smells clean and refreshing (is that even a scent?). A lot goes a long way with this and so the price is worth it since I’m sure I will have it for awhile. 

I’ve only been using it for about a week, but already I’m noticing such a difference. I have a lot less redness and my skin feels super moisturized. My skin tone is so much more even looking and it has quickly made its way into my everyday, non existent, skincare routine.

Favorite Face Moisturizer

After just one use, it was like I had taken an eraser to my face. I still feel like I have a little bit of a pinkish undertone but I like it because my face would look sort of flushed if I didn’t have any color at all. 

Every time I look into the mirror, my skin looks so much more clear and even toned, my skin looks. It makes my face feel refreshed all day long and is definitely a confidence booster. I used to hate how red my skin was, but I don’t wear face makeup and didn’t want to start wearing it, so I had no way of getting rid of the redness. This is why this is my favorite face moisturizer at the moment.

This is the ultimate game changer for my skin! I can’t wait to try out more products from the brand. 

Favorite Face Moisturizer

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  1. 12.21.18

    This sounds so good! My under eyes could definitely do with this! X

    Megan |

  2. 12.21.18
    Ellie said:

    Amazing, thank you for sharing this review lovely!
    My recent post:

  3. 12.24.18

    This sounds like a product I am definitely going to check out! I had no idea how much my skin would change after a certain age! Thank you so much for sharing & Happy Holidays!

    • 12.26.18

      Happy Holidays!! Thank you for the lovely comment!!


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