How To Curl Your Hair / T3 Single Pass Curling Iron Review

I could never ever find the perfect curling iron. Either the curls would fall out .2 seconds later, my hair would burn, or it just didn’t look good. I’ve have tried expensive and inexpensive ones and still I couldn’t find one that I could always rely on. I was always on the look out for “my dream curling iron”.

A couple of months ago I saw a couple of YouTubers using curling irons from the brand T3. The looks they created were really pretty and girls with thick, long hair like mine were using this tool. I decided to check out the website but they were sooo expensive and I just couldn’t justify spending that much on a hair tool.

This Christmas however, my parents surprised me with what is now the curling iron of my dreams. I have no idea how they knew I wanted a T3 curling iron, but they did, and I am so, so, grateful.

It works wonderfully and I love it.

The one I have is the T3 single pass curl. I love this one because its a little bit of a bigger barrel and so it creates more of a loose curls/waves look which I like. I also like that I can use it as a barrel or a wand. Which ever way I use it, the curls/waves last all day. At first I put it on the highest heat setting because I have seriously thick hair, but I was shocked to find that it was too hot and lowered the temp a bit. And it still lasts the whole day.

The barrel is also super smooth so theres no pulling of the hair when I use it as an iron. It glides right through and so the time it takes to do my hair has been cut in half compared to when I’ve tried other curlers.

While I still think that the price is a bit high, I highly recommend it if you are like me, and can’t find a curler that works good enough for you. I have been using it every day since Christmas since it only takes about twenty minutes to do. I love the effortless look it gives me and I love how many different styles I could create out of just one tool.

Side note: Can we also just take a second to appreciate how beautiful this iron is? I have this thing where I like to use white curling irons and straighteners (also eyelash curlers… totally irrelevant) so I can see my dark brown hair. Weird, I know.

Right now I have been loving really really loose waves. I can finally get the salon beach waves. First, I open up the clamp and wrap my hair two or three times (my hair is long. Then I just roll the iron up and down for about ten seconds. When I drop the hair, its very loose and not the whole piece of hair is curled. This is a really pretty look if you want the curls/waves to look really natural. I get compliments every time I do my hair like this! This is seriously my dream curling iron! I would recommend this to anybody!

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  1. 2.15.19
    Sandy C. said:

    Heard many great things about this iron! Cant beat a curling iron that cuts down time when styling hair. Especially if the curls last all day and don’t fall out like you said. Thanks for the recommendation!

    – Sandy I BeautyBlissandChaos

    • 2.16.19

      I agree! I need something that will save a lot of time in the morning!!

  2. 2.15.19
    Geraldine said:

    I’ve never heard of the brand T3 but oh my goodness it is a GORGEOUS curling iron!! <3

  3. 2.16.19
    sugisays said:

    I have had a T3 before! Works great for me as well and I have very thick hair.

  4. 2.16.19
    elenxmai said:

    That curling wand is SO aesthetically pleasing I’m obsessed! I’ve been looking for a decent curling wand for so long so might check this brand out – especially if it’s good for achieving a wavy look. x
    El | Welsh Wanderer

    • 2.16.19

      Its sooo pretty I love the colors!! You should definitely check it out!!

  5. 2.16.19
    Yaya said:

    I’ve been without a curling iron for a few months now and this one sounds perfect! Thanks for sharing!

    • 2.16.19

      You won’t regret it, it really is the best!

  6. 2.17.19
    melisssnydergmailcom said:

    I need a new iron . I will have to check this one out on Amazon

  7. 2.18.19

    I love the brand T3! They have great products. I might just have to try this curling iron. ☺️

  8. 2.18.19

    I need this in my life! I have the T3 straighteners and I love them so much xx

    Gemma β€’ Gemma Etc . ❀️

    • 2.19.19

      I was thinking about getting the straightener! Good to know you like them!!


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