Spring Favorites From Bath & Body Works

Soo.. I bought a lot of stuff this month from Bath & Body Works. It’s not even a lot, it’s just that I bought it all at one time and so it feels that way. I’m going to warn you right now, this haul has a lot of… pink… in it. A year ago, I hated color. Everything I owned was black, white, or grey. I don’t know what is happening to me but I have been loving pinks and yellows and all the pastels lately. My style is becoming much more girly. So, I bought a lot of stuff this month that has those colors in it.

So this is going to be a two part haul because I wanted to split up fashion and beauty because I feel like those two should be in different categories. Also, I was going to do a monthly favorites like I did for January, but I feel like everything I bought this month is a favorite, and I didn’t want to repeat everything.

So, here is everything beauty (I guess) related things that I bought this month. Heads up, its all from Bath & Body works. They had really greats deals when I went and I had no will power. 

Bath & Body Works is a store that I don’t allow myself to walk into every time I go to the mall. Thats because I would be too tempted by all the pretty things and great deals that I would probably walk out having bought one of everything. So, I limit myself to once every couple months, usually every time a new season comes around. So in preparation for Spring, I went to see what they had because I was sick of smelling Christmas everything that I had bought the last time I went. And of course, they were having the best deals.

The first thing I got was this candle which was ten dollars off so it only cost fourteen dollars. I really love the White Barn line and I had another one from the fall time. This one is the Rose Water & Ivy and it smells so fresh and clean and floral. Also, can we just take a look at the packaging and this color? Nothing could describe me more at the moment.

Bath & Body Works

The next few things I got were the main reason I went into the store and that is body sprays. I really wanted ones that were more “Springy” I guess you can say, and they had one collection in the front that was just calling my name. The rose one is a DREAM. I love everything pastel and pink at the moment, but I have also been loving everything rose. Rose colored, rose scented, it’s just so, so, pretty. The other two smell like vacation in a body spray. They were buy three get three free which I think is a really good deal!

Bath & Body Works

I love miniature, travel size products and so these were three for twelve dollars. I got two mini body sprays that I keep in my bag and my car and then a body lotion. The peach body spray smells so, so, good and I was shocked because I normally am not a fan of fruity, citrus smells, but this one is very light and has a floral touch to it. The one in a million body spray is just another classic floral scent that is perfect for spring.

 I also had to grab a new hand sanitizer because… what else would I do while waiting on the checkout line?? And the only non Bath & Body Works product is this Love Beauty And Planet hand lotion from Target. I’ve actually never heard about this brand before, but I saw “rose” and had to check it out. It smells so good and its the perfect size to keep in my bag. I definitely want to try out more from this brand. Let me know if you’ve tried it!

A trip to Bath & Body works is one of the ways I get ready for Spring so writing this post is getting me into such Spring moods right now and I can’t wait to do the part two of this Spring Haul. What are some of your all time favorites from Bath & Body Works? Let me know!

Bath & Body Works



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  1. 2.21.19
    briannamarielifestyle said:

    I’m so happy spring is on its way☺️
    Brianna | https://briannamarielifestyle.com

  2. 2.21.19
    Anonymous said:

    Love your pictures!

  3. 2.21.19
    bingingonabudget said:

    Love this, which of these products is your favorite?

    • 2.21.19

      I absolutely love the rose body spray! It’s so, so, perfect for spring, I want to go back and buy the body lotion!

  4. 2.21.19
    Geraldine said:

    oh my goodness you really did go nuts in your BBW haul!! Hahah I only went this crazy last year with the semi annual sale plus my coupons! 😛 The rose is AMAZING, I got that for myself in the body spray as well! I am so in love with their candles. Every time I go in there, I never know what to get cause I just want every single thing. Lovely haul Colleen!! I’ve still yet to try One In a Million!

    Geraldine | https://geraldinetalks.com

    • 2.21.19

      Ahhh thank you Geraldine!! I know, I couldn’t help myself and bought so much! I actually went again today and bought another candle! lol I need to be stopped

  5. 2.21.19

    Ughh, this makes me want to go to B&BW right now! These photos are so pretty, too! I’m impressed with your strength to pass by the stores when you go to the mall. I get suckered into stopping every time.

    • 2.21.19

      Thank you so much!! Haha the only problem is I will pass by the store but then go home and shop online. Online shopping is my ultimate weakness.

  6. 2.23.19

    I have the rose mist as well! a dream it is!

  7. 2.23.19
    Katy said:

    Love your photos, so springy and joyful 😍

  8. 2.23.19
    Ellie said:

    I love the BBW products so much. It is so bad that there’s no stores here in the UK 🙁 I make sure to stock up when I’m traveling 🤩

    • 2.23.19

      I had no idea they weren’t in the UK! I would stock up as well!!

  9. 2.23.19

    Love this! Makes me want to take a trip down to Bath & Body Works myself 😍


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