Monthly Favorites: Beauty, Skincare, & Hair Products

Monthly Favorites Beauty Skincare

I haven’t done one of these in a long time. The only other one was in January, and I had so much fun writing it. So today I’m going to do another Monthly Favorites with some beauty, skincare, and haircare essentials. I know June isn’t over yet, but these products that I’m going to share have been my favorites for a while so I trust I will be using them not only in June, but the entire summer. They are all things beauty, skincare, and haircare related. All of these products have become part of my daily routine and are essentials for me.


The Burts Bees tinted lip balm has become one of my favorite lip products. I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m not really a fan of lipsticks or lip glosses. I don’t like the feel of it and I could never find a color that goes with my natural lip color. When I discovered these tinted lip balms, I felt like they were made for me. Its the slightest tint that enhances your natural lip color all while working as a chapstick as well. I have almost every shade now (pink blossom, hibiscus, rose) and use them everyday.

Monthly Favorites Beauty Skincare

Loreal Lash Paradise is my favorite mascara at the moment. I was actually debating writing a whole blog post on it. My usual Lancome mascaras have been kicked to the side for the moment and I have been enjoying this new voluminous and lengthening mascara. Also, its only eight dollars which makes it even more amazing. I use the waterproof version because it holds a curl better, and I don’t find it to be clumpy at all. 

Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara is the best thing for bottom lashes. I am terrible at applying bottom lash mascara because I always get it on my skin. The brush for this mascara is so tiny and so precise that I can coat every lash individually and it makes them so insanely long. I also like that I can do a really light application with this brush so that its not too, too dark. 

Monthly Favorites Beauty Skincare

This smudger eye brush has become one of my must haves. I am the worst at applying eyeshadow underneath my eye. Every time I would try, I would get raccoon eyes. I don’t know what it is about this specific brush, but it has helped me so much with my application. I don’t know the name brand but it was sold individually in Target.

Monthly Favorites Beauty Skincare


Neutrogena Clear Face Sunscreen is officially part of my summer routine. I wanted to find a sunscreen that would be perfect and wouldn’t irritate my sensitive skin. This SPF was really inexpensive and I found it in target. When I first used it, I did breakout a tiny little but that honestly could of been from anything. I haven’t had any issues since and it actually makes my skin feel really soft. It is perfect for the summer!


Not Your Mothers Way to Grow is my trick to growing my hair longer, faster. About two months ago, I got my hair cut a little bit shorter than I intended. Immediately I bought some products (Way to Grow being one of them) and created a routine to try and get my hair back to its original length. My hair has definitely grown a lot in the last two months and I think its mostly because of this. I spray it in my hair each time I wash it. Then I brush it from my ends to my roots, just as the directions tell you to. It was only about three dollars and the bottle is still not empty after two months. I also noticed that it helps detangle my hair which is definitely a plus!

What are some of your favorites for this month? I’m always looking to try out some new hair, skincare, and beauty products so I would love to know your recommendations! 



  1. June 24, 2019 / 4:54 pm

    Burt’s Bees Wax tinted lip balm is amazing! It is one of the few lip balm I use regularly!

  2. Geraldine
    June 24, 2019 / 7:23 pm

    Love a bunch of the stuff on here Colleen! 🥰 I’ve been wanting to try Burt’s Bees tinted lip balm for a while I actually forgot about them haha 🤣

    • June 24, 2019 / 7:40 pm

      Thank you Geraldine! I totally recommend it, you won’t regret it!!

  3. June 25, 2019 / 12:54 am

    I’m not a fan of most lip balms, and I also have a hard time finding natural shades, but these Burt’s Bees balms seem great. I’m gonna test em out.

    • June 25, 2019 / 1:31 am

      I love these because they enhance your natural lip color and gives me the natural look that I love!

  4. June 25, 2019 / 2:17 am

    Yes! I’m loving the lash paradise too. I’ll have to check out the other picks!

    • June 28, 2019 / 2:08 pm

      I am a big Chapstick user but am looking foward to trying the burts bees tinted. I am not a fan of lipstick or gloss either, but a hint of color would help.

  5. June 25, 2019 / 9:00 am

    The Lash Paradise mascara is definitely a favorite of mine as well. And that Neutrogena sunscreen is awesome as well. You have some wonderful picks here!

    • June 25, 2019 / 9:18 am

      Thank you so much! I’m glad you love them as well!

  6. tamara
    June 25, 2019 / 9:26 am

    Thanks for sharing. I find I get in a bit of a rut with my products. Don’t love them but scared to try something new. Definitely going to try those Burts Bees lip balms

    • June 25, 2019 / 9:33 am

      I get the same way too! But the Burts Bees are a must! You wont regret it!

  7. June 25, 2019 / 1:05 pm

    I really want to try the burt’s bees balms now! They look fantastic. The grow spray for the hair looks incredible as well. Thanks for sharing your faves love.
    Laura /

    • June 25, 2019 / 1:09 pm

      Those two are definitely my most favorite from this post!

  8. June 26, 2019 / 3:22 pm

    Love this post! All these products are amazing. I’m so glad you featured them in your post. Thanks for sharing.

  9. June 26, 2019 / 11:49 pm

    Burt’s Bees has always been one of my go-to product when it comes to lip balms! Never knew they had a hibiscus one – will have to try it out soon!

    cabin twenty-four

    • June 27, 2019 / 9:05 am

      The hibiscus one is so pretty for the summer because its not too light and not too dark! It just enhances your natural lip color. I love it!

  10. Ellyn Rebecca
    June 28, 2019 / 5:09 am

    I love Burt’s Bees lip balms, I don’t think I’ve used the tinted ones though! I’ve got a few other tinted ones but seeing as I love my usual BB lip balms, I should try the tinted! I find some tinted ones can be a lot less moisturising, but it sounds like these might be the opposite!

    Ellyn x | Life Of A Beauty Nerd

    • June 28, 2019 / 8:45 am

      These ones are definitely moisturizing! Burts Bees is my favorite too!

  11. June 29, 2019 / 1:49 pm

    I definitely need to try the Burts Bees lip balm. Thank you for the recommendation! I also have a hard time finding a lip color that works well on me.

  12. July 6, 2019 / 12:46 pm

    Oooh I love Burt’s Bees for their products. You can never go wrong with their tinted balm. Clinique does such a great job with their mascara. I love how tiny the brush is! Sunscreen is so important, especially with the season. Thanks for sharing these faves!

    Nancy ♥

  13. July 26, 2019 / 3:28 pm

    I’m obsessed with your blog, Colleen!! It’s SO pretty!! 💗Definitely going to check out Neutrogena’s Clear Face Sunscreen! I’ve been focusing on skincare a lot lately and it sounds like a great product! Also, the Burts Bees tinted lip balm sounds amazing! x

    • July 26, 2019 / 3:33 pm

      Thats so sweet of you! Thank you so much!!

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