A Day In The Life / A Sunday In The City

I’ve always thought of my blog as kind of like a journal. So for the longest time, I’ve been wanting to do a “day in the life” type post. I never could figure out the best way to write out my day, since I’ve always only seen this done vlog style. However, my family and I went to the city this weekend, and I thought it would be a great chance to give this kind of post a try.

So here it is! A day in the life…

So this weekend, we decided to go to the city to celebrate my little sisters birthday. We only live about an hour away which is really great. My sister really wanted to go to the Central Park Zoo and then to the Sugar Factory for dinner. We were at the zoo by the time it opened so that it wouldn’t be too busy or too hot. It was a lot of fun and I always enjoy going there and just walking around.



After we left the zoo, it was still a little early for dinner, so we decided to walk around and explore a little. Even though we live close we don’t find ourselves going to the city that often. Which is sad because I love the city and want to live there someday. So we really wanted to take advantage of the day. It was such perfect weather and the city really wasn’t that busy.


We ended up walking into the Plaza Hotel. Its so beautiful and everywhere you look is seriously a picture worthy moment. I’ve never been inside but its so big and there are so many stores and restaurants.


For dinner, we went to the Sugar Factory. This was actually my first time there so it was exciting. I had high expectations since I hear about how great it is all the time. It ended up being even better than I expected. The food was so good and the desserts were amazing.



And that was the end to our day! My sister had such a great birthday celebration and it was such a nice day. I hope you guys liked this post! I had fun writing it and cant wait to do more of these in the future!



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  1. 8.4.19

    All of this looks so great – your pictures are really good. The Plaza is amazing!! 😍

  2. 8.7.19
    melissa said:

    i love your blog. It is so nice to read post that are simple and lovely to read. Great job and i been loving your other post.

  3. 8.7.19
    melissa said:

    new to your blog and love it


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