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  1. justthegameoflife says

    I love accessories for fall! Seriously, just a littlest thing can spice up an outfit. Im also super into cheetah prints lately.

  2. Geraldine says

    I should probably get myself some hair accessories, I barely wear anything on my hair. I love the colors of those scrunchies, they are so fall!

  3. allthingsalexx says

    I’m loving hair accessories at the moment so this post came at the perfect time. I’m especially in love with scrunchies as they’re such an easy and practical way to add some accessories to your outfit. I find them great for all occasions and they work so well, sometimes things like headbands can look so cute but not always be so practical. I might try some out for special occasions as I love the look of them! Thanks for sharing your tips and recommendations!
    Alex xx


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