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  1. Anonymous says

    My favorite nail polish doesn’t change much through the year. A gold glitter and a baby pink is the go to for me. I really like the nude polish though.

  2. Anonymous says

    Ooo!! I love these shades that you picked! It’s been so long since I did my nails so Fall seems like the perfect time! You can’t go wrong with EDDIE!

  3. Alynn98 says

    Those shades look amazing and very fall-ish! I’ve never been good at painting my nails, but those colors make me want to do it and feel festive!

  4. Alynn98 says

    These are such beautiful shades! I’ve never been good at painting my nails, but these colors are so festive and lovely that it makes me want to try!

  5. singerofstories says

    I really should pay more attention to my nails, and my cuticles too. Maybe I will make it a goal to throw out my old nail polish and start fresh. I am pretty sure most of my “stock” is old enough to be expired!


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