Autumn Beauty Haul

Autumn Beauty Haul

Another beauty post! Its an “Autumn Beauty Haul”! Is this a sign that my “niche-less” blog is turning into a beauty blog? I’ve been taking one too many trips to Ulta & Sephora lately. I have been really getting into trying new products and wanted to share all of it with you guys! Here is all of my new beauty finds from the past couple of weeks.

Urban Decay Naked Reloaded Palette & NARS Skin Deep  Eye Palette

This and the next palette that I’m going to talk about have been on my wishlist forever. But I have more than enough eyeshadow palettes and couldn’t justify it. Finally, I just went for it and I am so glad I did. These palettes are beautiful. This is my first ever NARS palette specifically, and I cant get over how good the formula is. It also screams Christmas to me, so this will be perfect for the holidays. The Urban Decay Palette is also just everything I could ever want in a neutrals palette. I can see me getting so much use out of these and I’m so glad I finally bought them. These are probably my top favorites things in this “Autumn Beauty Haul”.

Autumn Beauty Haul

NARS Radient Creamy Concealer in “Custard”

Concealer is the only face makeup that I will sometimes wear. I only wear it under my eyes because I have the worst hereditary dark circles. They have been looking so bad lately, and so I wanted to test out the NARS Radient Creamy Concealer after hearing so many good things. I got it in the shade “Custard” and its works so well. I add the tiniest bit to my under eye, and it makes such a big difference. Its so moisturizing and I like that its not too thick since I’m not used to wearing face makeup all the time.

Marc Jacobs  Velvet Noir Mascara

So I have been using waterproof only mascara for about three years. I have always had sensitive eyes and the waterproof formula just works better for me. I’ve been noticing lately that my once super long and thick natural lashes have gotten shorter and more sparse. I think using only waterproof mascara and then tugging it off each night has had a bad effect on them. So, I’m officially cutting waterproof mascara out of my routine. I decided to get the Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Mascara and I love it. I seriously think I found the best mascara. It doesn’t irritate my eyes, its not too wet or dry, doesn’t clump, and has the perfect applicator. I love love love this mascara. I should have known I would love it, since I also love the Marc Jacobs High-liners! So non-irritating and great for people with sensitive eyes!

KKW Beauty Mascara

Now that Im using non waterproof mascaras, I wanted to try out the KKW Beauty mascara. It has a similar applicator to the Marc Jacobs one but is a little more on the wet side. It went on a little clumpy the first time but is working so much better now! I feel like with most mascaras, you need to use it a few times so that it can dry out a little. I love how black and voluminizing this is. Its also definitely on the more affordable side so I would recommend this to everyone!

KKW Beauty Nude Lip Liners in “.5 & 1”

So KKW Beauty just Launched at Ulta and I am so excited. I’ve never bought anything from her brand but have always wanted to try it out. Let me start off by saying, her packaging is a dream. I love how simple and clean it all looks! The first few things I grabbed were two of her nude lip liners. I got the nude .5 and the nude 1. The .5 is almost identical to my natural lip color and the .1 is a bit darker. I love them because I am totally one of those girls that like the “your lips but better” look. I love how natural these look. Both are so, so pretty and creamy.

KKW beauty Eyeliner in “Copper”

I got one of her eyeliners from her “so fire” collection. This is the “rust” one and its like a burnt red- copper shimmer color (perfect for brown eyes). Its so pretty and perfect for the Fall and Winter time. I hope she starts selling more of her eyeliners in Ulta because I really love the formula and would definitely buy more.

Urban Decays Born To Run 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in “Double Life”

Urban Decays eyeliners are the best because they have such cool, unique shades. I’ve had a few others before, but I recently purchased the shade “Double Life” and its so pretty. Its described as a red-brown shimmer color, but it kind of has a hint of dark pink in my opinion. I just love the way this makes my brown eyes look, but this will definitely look great on all eye colors.

NudeStix Mini Nude Metallic Berry Eye 3 Piece Mini Kit

I have been wanting to try out this brand forever. I love the idea of stick and pencil eyeshadows and so when I saw this mini trio I knew it was the perfect chance to give the brand a try. The set came with three mini sized pencils. There are two metallics and one matte. I really love the gold metallic color for my tear duct. It makes my eyes look so awake and bright. I think this will be so perfect for the holidays but also is great for fall looks too.

Autumn Beauty Haul

Thats everything that I got! I hope you guys enjoyed this “Autumn Beauty Haul”! I would love to know if you’ve tried any of these products out or what you would like to try! Also, let me know some of the makeup products that you’ve purchased recenetely, since I’m always looking for new makeup to try out!



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