Sephora VIB Sale: What to Get & My Wishlist

Its that time again! Sephora is having their VIB sale! Unfortunately, I’m not a Rouge insider (yet! I do a lot more of my shopping at Ulta) but as a VIB, I’ll earn 15% off this time, and I can promise you that I will be taking advantage of that.

So I wanted to make a post of everything thats on my wishlist and what I would recommend to anyone looking for some new products to try out during this sale. I’m going to break it down into two categories, makeup & skincare. I hope you guys can find some things you like!


What you need: 

I feel like this is a great chance to get the things that you’ve wanted for so long, but cant justify spending the money on. For me, its eyeshadow palettes. I recently bought the NARS Skin Deep Palette and the Naked Reloaded Palette (and wrote a blog post on them), and I love them! They have such great neutral colors for the fall and winter and can create the prettiest holiday looks. I’m also going to link a few other eyeshadow palettes that I love down below.

I also think its a great idea to restock on some things that you may run out of soon. That includes mascaras, brow products, and eyeliners. I’ve been loving the Benefit Precisely My Brow and 24 Hour Brow Setter. For mascara, I would recommend any of the ones from Lancome, since they’ve always worked so great for me. Marc Jacobs Highliners are the best eyeliners I have ever owned as well.

Lip liners would be a great buy too since sometimes they are a bit overpriced. I recently bought the Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in the color “Hot Gossip” & “Pillow Talk”. Both are natural, pretty pink colors and they are so creamy and beautiful.

My Wishlist:

I recently fell in love with two different makeup brands, NARS & Charlotte Tilbury. So I’ve been eyeing a few things that I think I’m going to end up purchasing during the sale.

I have been eyeing Charlotte Tilbury’s “Eyes To Mesmerise” cream eyeshadows. Recently, I gave in and got it in the shade “Bette” and I am OBSESSED. I seriously need every shade. Its the most perfect wash of color and it looks like you did all this work, yet it is so easy!

The NARS Summer Light’s Palette has been catching my eye every time I go on the website. Its so beautiful and limited edition so I need to get it before they stop selling it.

I saw the new HUDA Nude Obsessions Palettes on Instagram and I cant get over how nice they look. I specifically want the “medium” one since all of those rose gold, warm colors are exactly what I like. They arent too expensive to begin with so I defintely need to get this during the sale.

I recently found the brand “PATRICK TA” and now I need to go to Sephora to see it all in person. Their whole “Monochrome Moment” theme is so pretty and I love how luxurious all the products look. I really want to pick up one of the lip liners during the sale since they seem like such pretty rose toned colors. The actual pencil itself it really interesting to me too because the shape is something that’s really unique.



What you need: 

The classic Tatcha Water Cream lives up to all of its hype, in my opinion. I’ve been using it for a little bit now, and I love how smooth and moisturized my face feels after. If you’ve be contemplating trying it out, this sale would be a great time to do so. A little goes a long way and so you don’t have to worry about running out of it super quickly (since it is expensive).

The Origins Skin Retexturizing Mask with Rose Clay is such a good face mask. First off, this stuff smells heavenly. I love anything rose. Scented, themed, colored, I love roses. This makes my skin look so radiant and helps so much with my pores.

My Wishlist:

Because I love my Tatcha Water Cream so much, I have a few of their products on my wishlist. The first being the Tatcha Dewy Skin Cream. This is supposed to be for people with dry skin (so, me). Its starting to get colder outside and my skin will get even dryer and so this will be a great time to try it out.

I also would love to try out the Tatcha Deep Cleanse Cleanser. I’m always on the lookout for new cleansers to try and i’m really curious to see how this would preform. This also comes in some of the Tatcha gift sets that Sephora is selling this season and so maybe I will just get one of those so I can try out a bunch of their products and see which works best for me.

Another product that has caught my attention recently thanks to Instagram has been the Summer Fridays CC Me Vitamin C Serum. I’m so late to the party on this one, because I have never used a Vitamin C serum before. I don’t know why but I never thought it was that necessary until I saw other people using it and hearing about their results. I really like Summer Fridays and so I think getting this Serum is on top of my wishlist.


Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Whats on your wishlist for the sale? Happy Shopping!

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  1. 11.1.19

    Actually this is a really good point…. need to write my own Sephora wish list!!

    Sarah xxx


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