School Update, Puppy Update, & More Random Thoughts

Long time, no blog? I’ve definitely used that sentence before and its definitely been for the same reason. School. Now I pride myself on being able to multi-task, but let me tell you that senior year of college is no joke. Not to mention that I’ve recently been having a bit of writers block.

But, as I’m sitting here writing this, all these ideas and thoughts are coming to me and I’m so ready to get back into things. So I thought it would be fun to do a little update on my life. Because my blog is like my journal, right? I’m also going to throw in a few other little random thoughts that I’ve had lately.

I don’t know if any of you will have any interest in this. Maybe those who are at the same stage of school as me, or just like posts like this? But anyways, like I said my blog is my journal and these are things I wanted to share!

Hope you enjoy!


– First update is that I officially registered for my last semester of classes! It felt so good to plan out the few classes I have left to complete. I’m also taking an intercession class which is when you take a class in between the semesters during the Christmas break. It’s the only time its offered and I need it to graduate. Its okay though because its an online class which means I don’t have to leave my bed. So basically, its a win.

– My second update is about my PUPPY! I’ve been wanting to do one of these forever but never got around to it. If you read my post from August, I talked about my family’s new puppy! Since then, she’s gotten so big. She’s about to be five months old and now I understand why parents get emotional about their kids getting older. She’s such a good dog and she fits into our family so perfectly. I’m going to include some pictures of her later on in this post so you can see how big she has gotten! Shes learned how to “Sit”, “High Five”, and “Paw”. She’s so smart and when we go on walks, she remembers how to get back home. She loves being outside. Recently, it snowed, and she went crazy about it. She wanted to eat the snow and just throw herself around in it.

– My third and final update is about my blog. I’m so excited for next month because I have so many holiday-themed posts planned. I’ve been really into the Christmas spirit this year and cant wait to share it on here. Basically, my blog is about to become Christmas central and I couldn’t be anymore happy about it. Gift guides, holiday themed beauty posts, fashion posts, everything is coming very, very soon!

Random Thoughts

– First off, school. This semester is getting the best of me. My classes are really hard this semester but I’m trying to remain positive and remember that there is only a few weeks left.

– I’m so happy Thanksgiving is soon. I’m just so excited this year for the holidays in general. Usually I’m all about “Spooky Season” (am I too old to say that?), but this year, I was over it and ready to start listening to my Christmas music by the time Halloween came around. I know this time of year is so busy, but I’ve always loved that and found it to be so exciting.

– I’ve been watching a lot of vloggers that live in NYC. If you didn’t know, I live in New York, but not in the city. I’m about an hour away from it and its my dream to live there. Watching all of these YouTubers have made me want it even more. I just find everything about living there so exciting, especially growing up so close to it.

– I’ve been writing a lot of beauty posts and I don’t know how I feel about it. I think I just like to write about what I’m interested in and at the moment, its been beauty. I definitely want to mix it up a little but at the same time I really have been enjoying writing all of these makeup posts. I think I just feel like I’m supposed to have a “niche” but I really don’t want to. I kind of just like writing about anything that I want in that moment. Does anyone else feel that way?

I hope you enjoyed this post! I cant wait to start posting more and especially start posting holiday-themed content. Who else is so excited for this time of year?!

Heres my puppy update picture! This was taken a few weeks ago so she’s gotten a bit bigger since then. But I find myself taking more videos than photos of her so this is the more recent photo I have! 



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