My College Essentials (What I Bring With Me To Class)

One year of blogging, and I have yet to make a college-related post. I’ve talked about my personal college life before but I’ve never given any tips or study advice, anything like that. Now that I’m going into my last semester of college, I thought it was now or never.¬†Throughout the past three and a half years, I have definitely figured out what works and what doesn’t. I’ve compiled a list of all my college essentials. This will be extra helpful if you’re a commuter like me, since this is more of a “What I Bring to Class” kind of checklist.

I’m going to add links for some of the things on my list here for the specific things that I use. If I cant find the exact things that I have or they are not available anymore, I’ll link something similar!

  1. Water Bottle: This ones an obvious. If you have a long day ahead of you, its a good idea to buy a reusable water bottle. You can keep refilling it instead of buying plastic ones over and over. Its a money savor and good for the environment, people!
  2. A Snack: Most campuses have plenty of places you can go to get food, but still you should always carry something with you. This is also important if you take 8am classes because you could get hungry if you dont eat breakfast.
  3. Lanyard/ID Holder: Okay, so I bought this little card wallet from a Kate Spade outlet about two years ago, and its been my best purchase yet. I decided to attach it to my lanyard that hold my keys, and I stuck my debit card, license, and school ID in it. Its so much easier to cary around especially when you’re at school.
  4. Blue Light Glasses: As a student, you are on your computer all the time. I heard about blight light blocking glasses, which are supposed to protect your eyes from the harmful light that your technology gives off. I’ve had a pair for about a year now, and they are so great. I don’t get headaches anymore, and my eyes aren’t as tired by the end of the day. I got mine from in the style “Ottoto Bellona”.
  5. A Calendar that works: As much as I love (I mean really love) stationary, I have never been able to stick to a paper planner. I’ve always forgotten about it and it would go to a total waste. This year, I dedicated some time to color-coding and organizing my phone calendar. I have gotten so much use out of it so far, and remember to use it far more than I ever did a regular planner. So I think whether you’re in college, a job, or anything, finding a planning strategy that works for you is a must.
  6. A Computer: I invested in my computer my freshman year, and its been my most used essential for my whole college career. Its where I hold all my papers, homework, professors powerpoints, calendar, and more. With my major specifically, its been so important to have so that I could work on projects in between classes. This is my biggest college essentials.
  7. A GOOD Winter Coat & Winter Accessories: This is for all the students who live in cold climates. Walking around campus during the freezing winter months can be so bad, so make sure you are dressed warm! I always keep a pair of gloves, hat, scarf in my car.
  8. A Rain Jacket: This one’s a must and I cant stress it enough. Seriously probably my number one college essential. Keep a rain jacket in your car! I remember this time, during my freshman year, it was September and still really hot out. It started pouring as I was getting out of my car to go to class. I was drenched by the time I got into the building, it was awful. So trust me when I say, you wont ever regret keeping one, just in case.

I hope you found this helpful! What are some of your college essentials? Let me know!


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