How To Make Your Resolutions Happen

Your Resolutions Happen

Resolutions made during the New Year are always looked at as a joke, since we quickly give up on them about a month or two in. It’s so hard to incorporate new habits, especially multiple at once. So dont be hard on yourself and dont let other people make you feel like you cant meet your goals. I’m so guilty of losing motivation by February or March and completely ditching my goals. Thats because life gets in the way and we are busy! So I created realistic ways to make your resolutions happen and the things that I will be doing. (Find my resolutions for this year here!)

Make Habit Trackers

You can do this in a planner, journal, your phone, wherever you’re going to check everyday. If one of your goals is to drink more water, create a habit tracker that you check in with at the end of everyday. It will make you feel accomplished if you did it and make you reflect why if you didn’t.

A Morning Routine That Works

Truthfully, some morning routines are so unrealistic. I know everyone says that we all have the same 24 hours but honestly, sometimes there really just isn’t enough time. So create a healthy morning routine that works for you. If your goal is to read more, use the time you would sit on your phone, (we all do it) to read for ten minutes before starting your day. Use this method to fit in time to work on your resolutions.

Be Realistic

I know for me, the number one reason why I failed at my resolutions was because I was unrealistic. It’s hard to just wake up on New Years day and be a completely different person. If you’re trying to exercise more in 2020, don’t push yourself to run three miles on the first day. Be realistic and break your big goals into smaller ones. Start by working out for twenty minutes, then thirty, and so on and so on. You’ll stick with them much longer because it will be at a natural pace.

Tell Other People About Your Goals

I always tell a few people around me (mostly my mom and sister) about my new years goals, because then they can be honest with me when they see me falling behind. My mom knows I want to go walking everyday from now on, and she is not afraid to call me out if I don’t. I know I should probably be more adult and hold myself accountable, but its easy to give yourself excuses when its just to yourself. Tell the people in your life about your resolutions, then maybe they’ll make it part of theirs too. Now you’re in it together.

Inspiration Everywhere

I’m a visual person. I get inspired by the things around me. So for me, having my goals right in front of me will help me stay motivated. I have a mood board in my room, where I print out pictures of quotes and anything else that inspires me to work on my goals. I also have a background picture of a quote that I really like and that reminds me of my goals. I also used to have a notebook of sentences I would repeat to myself every morning. Almost like little promises that I wanted to make to myself for during the day. I’ve noticed that little things like this, are such helpful reminders of what I need to be doing during the day.

What are some of the ways you keep yourself motivated during the new year? I’m always looking for new tips! Happy New Year, I hope you all succeed at your resolutions! 



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  1. 1.2.20

    Loved this post. Needed this today. Thanks o much //

  2. 1.3.20

    I want to start tracking my dreams this year… I really like the goal of sharing your goals.. maybe I will do that too- then you know you definitely may achieve it better!

  3. 1.3.20

    This post speaks to me in volumes! For me, what keeps me motivated is watching or listening to motivational videos or podcasts. It keeps me inspired and do more.

    • 1.3.20

      I love podcasts and want to start listening to them more! Any recommendations?

  4. 1.4.20

    Wonderful post! My goals are to hopefully do one blog a week.. if I put it out to the universe hopefully it will happen!! Happy new year darling xxx


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