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  1. AlexandriaKayWrites says

    This is something that I need to take from because my stress and anxiety is over the top, and I need to destress. I think your ways of relaxing are so relatable and useful, they’re great. I love to do makeup, read, exercise and also leave my phone behind when I go out for walks. I think we all need this time to look after ourselves and put our emotional well being first. Great post lovely!
    Alex xx

  2. Paulina Stelmach says

    I definitely need to do something like this. Uni work is stressing me out so much I just need some time to myself. Painting and reading is also something I enjoy so I might get back into it x

  3. Melina Elisa says

    I LOVE painting! It’s a huge way I destress as well! One thing I’ve been doing this year that’s been helping a lot is meditating. I got this app called balance, and it’s been really helping my anxiety! Exercising, reading, playing video games, and staying off my phone (which you mentioned as well) are all huge ways that have majorly been keeping me as relaxed as possible! xxx

    Melina | http://www.melinaelisa.com

  4. katelyn | embark to explore says

    The cold shower trick is super scary – i HATE cold baths as my circulation is terrible but the idea of training yourself to calm down that way is so genius – i can see it being helpful for those brave enough to get into a cold bath / shower in the first place!

    • colleendenise says

      I’m so used to hot showers, that I don’t make it cold until the last minute. Its so hard but I love the results! I’ve also noticed that my hair has gotten a lot softer since doing this so thats a plus!

      • katelyn | embark to explore says

        Oh well any beauty related trend I can get on board with! If cold water makes me hair softer than I’ll definitely be trying that!


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