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  1. Melina Elisa says

    Can you believe that I’ve never really watched vampire diaries before!? I know, it’s kind of embarrassing. I’ve watched an episode or two a few years back, because my sister was obsessed. I know I want to get around to it eventually (but I’ve been saying that for years, so who knows when I’ll get to it), but I’ve been currently watching once upon a time, and i’m obsessed! I’m glad to hear you had a good september, and hope you have an even better october xx

    Melina | http://www.melinaelisa.com

    • colleendenise says

      YOU NEED TO WATCH IT!! Now would be such a good time since it will be October!! I’ve watched Once Upon a Time before and I LOVED it. Its one of my favorite shows!! And thank you!!! I hope you have an amazing October as well!!


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